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About us

Arizona Hard Chrome in the early days
Arizona Hard Chrome in 2016

Arizona Hard Chrome has a long history in Phoenix, AZ.  In 1946 Arizona Hard Chrome Engineering Co. was started by founder Bob Emmett. He was a pioneer of hard chroming in the early 1940s, developing fixtures and plating methods for the military. The original shop was opened in an alley near 35th Street and Van Buren. It was the first time in Arizona that local companies could have their machine parts repaired close to home, saving shipping cost and a great deal of time. Having a local resource also saved them from the West Coast big city prices. During that time our main business was rebuilding crankshafts by restoring undersized journals to original size for optimal performance in engines.

Around 1950 the company moved for a short time to 605 E. Grant St. Then, in 1955 the company moved to a purpose built building at the current location of 2609 W. Cypress Street. The name was also changed to Arizona Hard Chrome Crankshaft Company.  Crankshafts were at one time stacked in every useable space possible, some as big as ten feet tall. Over time, as the material used to manufacture crankshafts became cheaper and less structurally sound, plus the manufacturing became more streamlined, it soon became clear it was not cost effective to repair short-lived crankshafts.  So, Arizona Hard Chrome evolved and used honest ingenuity to change perspectives in our machine shop. Repair services were focused more on a wide variety of functioning machine parts. The final name change was made, as it is today, to Arizona Hard Chrome. From that point forward we have been open to many other types of industries where we can save our customers the cost of replacing expensive or irreplaceable parts. It also saves them down-time by extending the life of parts with harder than steel hard chrome plating and that in turn leads to less repair and maintenance costs.

Glenn “Bud” Trainor bought Arizona Hard Chrome from his father-in-law, Bob Emmett, in 1951. Bud was a fun guy to be around and started the Midget Racing Club of Arizona right here from this office. Some famous racers have come through these doors seeking Bud’s help and expertise. If you have a chance you should stop by sometime to see the photo gallery of Bud’s old racing days – you might spot a big name or two… or more. He was placed as an inductee into the Arizona Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1988. Visit the museum to learn more about his notable contributions to the sport of Midget and Sprint Car Racing.

After Bud passed on, his son Ronald Trainor proudly continued to carry the company to where it is today. With knowledgeable, supportive resources along on the journey, he developed other processes that opened the company up to even more industries in need of machine and tool repairs. He also focused more on safety and building his company to one the City of Phoenix could be proud of. He worked tirelessly to upgrade machinery, process materials, property needs and much more to meet necessary regulations and to progress. He and his wife, Wendy Trainor, have done everything possible within their means to offer a place of employment that is family oriented and rewarding, which is why we have such a great crew today. Ron Trainor retired in early 2015, turning the Trainor legacy of Arizona Hard Chrome over to two of his long-time dedicated friends, Donald Stubblefield and Josef Semin.

Don and Joe have both worked at Arizona Hard Chrome, alongside Ron, for a number of years. His knowledge, passion and vision for this company have not been forgotten from his valuable mentorship. These highly capable, leading members of Arizona Hard Chrome’s team have injected the company with new energy as owners and have the shop buzzing with the sound of our grinding machines, run by our loyal technicians, eager to get your machines up and running again. The new owners are looking to the future of surface wear and repair and are confident that Hard Chrome will remain a viable and affordable application for equipment and machine parts that are irreplaceable or too expensive to buy new.

We are running strong in this great State of Arizona, providing quality Hard Chrome and Precision Grinding services to all industries here and Nationwide. Welcome to Arizona Hard Chrome! We’re happy to meet you!