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Industrial hard chrome exhibits the best combination of engineering properties when compared to all other plated metals, including the lowest coefficient of friction and anti-galling. It is the second hardest organic surface, next to a diamond, measuring 72-73 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale. The surface is non-magnetic and heat-resistant to 1200 degrees F and has outstanding wear characteristics, durability and excellent corrosion resistance. It can be applied thickly for salvage or thinly for functional requirements.

No. We do not provide that type of service. We understand that you want your car and motorcycle parts to look great, but decorative chroming is a different process entirely. There are several decorative chrome shops in the area. Check the yellow pages or do an online search for “Decorative Chrome”, “Decorative Plating” or “Show Chrome” to find other companies who offer decorative (bumper) chroming as one of their services.

Because of its density and hardness, hard chrome provides durability and corrosion resistance unequaled by any other plating surface. The ability to apply (and then reapply) this unique surface protects and extends the life-cycle of parts like hydraulic shafts, seal surfaces, hitch pins, weight-bearing surfaces, printing press rollers, transmission shafts, concrete processing parts, tooling parts, and virtually any part that wears against another.

Industrial hard chroming is an electroplating process where the parts are submerged in a liquid bath of chromic acid and, with the addition of electric current, a crust of chrome will build up a few thousandths of a inch per hour, rather than a “dip” method as some people assume. The process is incremental, determined by electro-chemical reactions, and cannot be hurried or rushed. There are specific guidelines that must be adhered to in order to ensure a satisfactory result.

Hard chrome extends the life-cycle of:

  • Weight-bearing parts that become worn and damaged, such as axles, hydraulic shafts, hitch pins, bearing surfaces, seal surfaces, form and press rollers
  • Parts that need to resist corrosion such as small tool and die parts and molds
  • Repetitively used parts such as printing presses, slicing tools and food processing equipment  
  • Parts that need to resist abrasion such as concrete processing parts and nozzles, even hand trowels

When your part needs protection from wear, or to be restored to better-than-new condition, hard chrome will meet your needs.

The hard chrome process will save you money by protecting new parts, and repairing used and/or worn parts to better-than-new condition at a cost that can be much less than the cost of a replacement.  Our thicker coating will result in a longer-lasting part which lowers maintenance and tear-down expenses.  And the turn-around time of our repairs is usually much less than waiting for a new part, so you also save money on down time.

  • Weight-bearing parts that become worn and damaged
  • Virtually any part that wears against another
  • Parts that need to resist corrosion
  • Repetitively used parts
  • Parts that need to resist abrasion

For Example:

  • hydraulic shafts
  • seal surfaces
  • weight bearing surfaces
  • printing press rollers
  • transmission shafts
  • concrete processing parts
  • axles
  • bearing surfaces
  • small tool & die parts
  • slicing tools
  • nozzles
  • hitch pins
  • pump shafts
  • molding & forming parts
  • pneumatic air cylinder parts
  • hand trowels
  • Food processing equipment
  • Other various industrial machine parts

We can chrome virtually any type of metal EXCEPT aluminum, “pot” metal, and some types of cast iron. We cannot chrome plastic or other non-metal surfaces.

We plate parts less than one square inch in size to as large as 12 feet long, 18 inch diameter and 1,000 pounds.

Hard chrome and precision grinding services run approximately 5 to 7 working days depending on:

  • the severity of the damage or wear (preparation may include straightening, welding, repairs, grinding and/or polishing)
  • the thickness of the chroming required (amount of time in the chroming tank)
  • custom fixtures and processes
  • finish work (final grinding to size and polishing)
  • shop workload

We offer expedited processing in emergency situations.

This will vary depending on the size and shape of the part, the thickness of the chrome required, condition of the part, preparation needed, custom fixtures or processes, and your desired results. Call us or stop by for a free estimate.

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