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Agricultural Parts Repair


Time is money and this is particularly true in the agricultural/farming industry. Because of seasonal demands for planting and harvesting, equipment down time can mean the difference between a profitable or an unprofitable year.

Tractors and other heavy machinery and equipment receive lots of hard wear. By repairing the damaged hydraulic parts we can help to save both money and down-time. And, by applying a thicker hard chrome surface than you get with a new part, the repaired parts will last much longer, saving down time and replacement costs in the future.


One of the most exciting and revolutionary uses for hard chrome is on new agricultural parts. Many different types of coatings have been tried on digging, scraping, tilling, plowing and other agricultural parts to extend their wear life.  None has surpassed hard chromes’ wear capabilities, low friction capabilities and its’ resistance to impact. Hard chromes’ smooth low friction surface allows the digging parts to till the soil with less build-up, which results in a more efficient tilling process and also results in a higher digging speed which saves time for the operator and equipment. Tests have shown that hard chromed parts slice through the soil more efficiently, resulting in higher tractor speeds while using less fuel.

So, Arizona Hard Chrome can serve the agricultural/farming industry in two ways – by repairing damaged hydraulic parts or by hard chroming new parts to extend their useful life and to improve their efficiency.