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Printing Press Rollers Service and Repair


All printing press rollers and their bearing areas wear out. Damage caused by foreign objects falling into the working press is one common reason the rollers become inoperable. Every minute that a printing press is down due to repairs, it is costing you money. Ordering a new roller from the factory can take time and be very expensive.

Repair, Recycle and Reuse all of your old rollers. Arizona Hard Chrome can repair damaged and worn press rollers quickly with industrial hard chrome, lasting longer than new and at a much lower cost. We can also hard chrome factory new rollers to enhance and extend their life as well.


Repairing water rollers is a particularly challenging task. Water rollers require a high gloss finish enabling the “water” to form a thin sheet over the roller as it rotates. Most press roller manufacturers use decorative chrome to accomplish this. However, decorative chrome does not have the corrosion resistance that industrial hard chrome provides. Decorative chrome is only adequate enough to last a reasonable period of time before corrosion causes blistering under the surface.

Arizona Hard Chrome has perfected our polishing techniques, giving our chrome a more than adequate gloss finish. We hard chrome the entire roller to prevent corrosion from eating away at the edges. This results in a superior product for our customers at a fraction of the cost and better quality than a factory new roller.

By extending the life of your press rollers, we save you money in two ways. You will save money initially by repairing rather than replacing; and you save money by reducing down-time because your rollers will last longer.