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Heavy and Rental Equipment Repair


Heavy equipment parts receive extremely hard wear and, especially with rentals, the operators are not always trained in the proper use and care of your equipment. Hydraulic parts are the easiest parts to damage. Bending, scratching and poor maintenance contribute to the high cost of maintaining and repair of your equipment for its optimal performance.

Many of the parts that get damaged during use are large, can be very expensive and can take a long time to order and receive new replacements. Some parts are even obsolete and cannot be replaced.


The damage will be assessed and quoted, typically at no charge. Our dedicated crew can determine the best, most cost effective way to repair the damage and give you some idea of the turn around time on repairs rather quickly. Ultimately we apply a thicker hard chrome surface than what was originally supplied by the manufacturer. This thicker and longer-wearing surface can help resist some of the abuse that heavy/rental equipment receives. And since our repairs usually take less time than it takes to order and receive a new part, you’ll save on down time.

We can take a damaged part and straighten, weld, machine, repair threaded areas, hard chrome plate, grind and polish so that you have a part that is BETTER than new. For parts that are damaged beyond repair, we can usually re-manufacture rods and shafts, if necessary, and still save you money.