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Gypsum, Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Repair


Gypsum, concrete and asphalt are all abrasive materials and all of the handling and processing equipment experiences heavy wear.  One of the most important requirements of concrete processing is to keep the material in a consistent flow and to not allow the material to dry and stick to the mixer parts.

Another problem that is common to processing all of these abrasive materials is the extreme equipment wear and tear.  As the parts are damaged, they have to be repaired or replaced frequently, resulting in high costs in purchasing the new parts and also in dealing with the down-time of the equipment.


Because hard chrome is almost non-porous, these abrasive materials do not stick to the parts, which lessens the friction and reduces wear.  Arizona Hard Chrome has developed and built special equipment and implemented techniques and methods to put high gloss finishes on all concrete mixer parts.  This finish does not allow the product to dry and adhere to anything in the mixing process.

An additional advantage is the greatly extended life-span of the equipment because the hard chrome is 73 Rockwell, (the second hardest organic material), and also because of the low coefficient of friction which allows the mixer to rotate much freer and with less strain on the drive components.  Our customers also comment on the ease of keeping the parts clean because the product does not build up on the equipment as it did with other coatings.  This lowers the labor costs in cleaning the equipment each day.  Therefore, our customers save money, both in having longer-wearing parts and also in the daily maintenance of the parts.