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Hard chrome is a science that can require a special fixture (or rack), outside the standard, for proper plating on hard to plate parts.

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Manufactured parts benefit from its anti-corrosive, friction resistant and a hardened clean surface. Repair old parts better than new too!

Arizona Hard Chrome is a family-owned business proudly operating in Phoenix, Arizona since 1946. We specialize in hard chrome plating and grinding of various types of metal and surfaces (except aluminum and pot metal) in order to provide our customers with high-quality, long-lasting parts and tools. We strive to have one of the fastest turn-around times in the industry, in order to help keep our customer’s downtime to a minimum and are constantly advancing our equipment to give our customers the highest quality parts, tools and service.

Arizona Hard Chrome can even make your damaged part better than new from the factory. It is standard practice for factory parts to have a minimum thickness of hard chrome for light to medium life expectancy. When we repair your parts, our chrome is a minimum of five times thicker, which results in a long-range life cycle.

Please take a moment and take a tour of our website to find out how Arizona Hard Chrome can help you save on costs by re-chroming and re-building your worn and used parts!

Agricultural Parts Repair

Time is money and this is particularly true in the agricultural/farming industry. Because of seasonal demands for planting and harvesting, equipment down time can mean the difference between a profitable or an unprofitable year.

How We Can Help

Tractors and other heavy machinery and equipment receive lots of hard wear. By repairing the damaged hydraulic parts we can help to save both money and down-time. And, by applying a thicker hard chrome surface than you get with a new part, the repaired parts will last much longer, saving down time and replacement costs in the future.

One of the most exciting and revolutionary uses for hard chrome is on new agricultural parts. Many different types of coatings have been tried on digging, scraping, tilling, plowing and other agricultural parts to extend their wear life.  None has surpassed hard chromes’ wear capabilities, low friction capabilities and its’ resistance to impact. Hard chromes’ smooth low friction surface allows the digging parts to till the soil with less build-up, which results in a more efficient tilling process and also results in a higher digging speed which saves time for the operator and equipment. Tests have shown that hard chromed parts slice through the soil more efficiently, resulting in higher tractor speeds while using less fuel.

So, Arizona Hard Chrome can serve the agricultural/farming industry in two ways – by repairing damaged hydraulic parts or by hard chroming new parts to extend their useful life and to improve their efficiency.

agricultural parts

Electric Armatures & Rotors

Electric armature and rotor bearing and seal areas break down and wear out. This causes the bearing to go bad and creates a seal area leak. Rotors and armatures can be extremely expensive to replace and some are almost impossible to find new.

How We Can Help

Because the hardness of hard chrome (73 Rockwell) protects the bearing surface and prolongs the life of the part, down time is reduced greatly. Hard chrome also has a lower coefficient of friction than any other surface, which makes the seal areas run cooler and last longer. The cost of hard chrome to repair and save your damaged parts can sometimes be pennies on the dollar when compared to the new purchase price. Arizona also has one of the fastest turn-around times in the industry, currently about a week.

Flash Chrome for Anti-Corrosion

Many small parts manufactured by specialty or tool and die customers are susceptible to corrosion. Flash chrome is an ideal coating due to its anti-corrosive characteristics.
Flash Chrome is used throughout the industry for small parts such as aircraft parts, tool and die products, fasteners, keepers, precision blocks or gauges and many other applications.
Flash (thin dense) chrome can be applied as thin as .0002 to .004 mils.

How We Can Help

Arizona Hard Chrome has the capability of designing plating fixtures for small to medium quantity runs.

Food and Beverage Processing

Food and beverage processing parts must meet high standards for a clean, sterile surface while providing long-lasting service.

How We Can Help

Because hard chrome provides a superior smooth, sterile finish, it is perfect for the food/beverage processing industry.  We can take a damaged part and pre-grind it to take out the damaged areas and then re-chrome and polish it to the original specifications.  This repaired part will last much longer due to the thicker coat of chrome that we apply.

Because hard chrome is such a dense material – it is virtually non-porous- therefore, bacteria has no place to form.  Hard chrome is U.S.D.A. approved for use on food/dairy/beverage  processing parts.

A hard chromed finish will resist wear better than stainless steel or other non-corrosive materials normally used while still maintaining its’ bacteria-free status. Hard chrome is resistant to most corrosive acids used in food/beverage processing and is heat resistant up to 1200 degrees F.

Therefore, hard chromed fixtures are used in the beverage, dairy, beef processing, wrapping, forming, packaging and other food processing industries.

Gypsum, Concrete & Asphalt Equipment Repair

Gypsum, concrete and asphalt are all abrasive materials and all of the handling and processing equipment experiences heavy wear.  One of the most important requirements of concrete processing is to keep the material in a consistent flow and to not allow the material to dry and stick to the mixer parts.

Another problem that is common to processing all of these abrasive materials is the extreme equipment wear and tear.  As the parts are damaged, they have to be repaired or replaced frequently, resulting in high costs in purchasing the new parts and also in dealing with the down-time of the equipment.

How We Can Help

Because hard chrome is almost non-porous, these abrasive materials do not stick to the parts, which lessens the friction and reduces wear.  Arizona Hard Chrome has developed and built special equipment and implemented techniques and methods to put high gloss finishes on all concrete mixer parts.  This finish does not allow the product to dry and adhere to anything in the mixing process.

An additional advantage is the greatly extended life-span of the equipment because the hard chrome is 73 Rockwell, (the second hardest organic material), and also because of the low coefficient of friction which allows the mixer to rotate much freer and with less strain on the drive components.  Our customers also comment on the ease of keeping the parts clean because the product does not build up on the equipment as it did with other coatings.  This lowers the labor costs in cleaning the equipment each day.  Therefore, our customers save money, both in having longer-wearing parts and also in the daily maintenance of the parts.

Heavy/Rental Equipment Repair

Heavy equipment parts receive extremely hard wear and, especially with rentals, the operators are not always trained in the proper use and care of your equipment. Hydraulic parts are the easiest parts to damage. Bending, scratching and poor maintenance contribute to the high cost of maintaining and repair of your equipment for its optimal performance.
Many of the parts that get damaged during use are large, can be very expensive and can take a long time to order and receive new replacements. Some parts are even obsolete and cannot be replaced.

How We Can Help

The damage will be assessed and quoted, typically at no charge. Our dedicated crew can determine the best, most cost effective way to repair the damage and give you some idea of the turn around time on repairs rather quickly. Ultimately we apply a thicker hard chrome surface than what was originally supplied by the manufacturer. This thicker and longer-wearing surface can help resist some of the abuse that heavy/rental equipment receives. And since our repairs usually take less time than it takes to order and receive a new part, you’ll save on down time.
We can take a damaged part and straighten, weld, machine, repair threaded areas, hard chrome plate, grind and polish so that you have a part that is BETTER than new. For parts that are damaged beyond repair, we can usually re-manufacture rods and shafts, if necessary, and still save you money.

Pneumatics/Hydraulic Repairs

Almost all parts in this industry are chrome plated from the factory. However, the industry standard for chrome thickness is one mil (or .001”), just enough to last through the warranty period. When the chrome wears through, then corrosion sets in which leads to galling and scratching and eventually seal failure and loss of pressure.
Ordering new parts is very expensive and sometimes takes several weeks. Not only are you receiving a part that costs more and won’t last as long because of the thinner plating, but you also have to deal with down time waiting for the part.

How We Can Help

When we receive a used rod, we precision grind all the damaged material off and any old chrome until we reduce the overall diameter by at least ten thousandths of an inch. We then re-chrome the part oversize, (larger than spec), and then put the part back into the grinding machine and precision grind it back to original specifications. Therefore, you now have 5 times the thickness of chrome for up to 5 times the wear of a factory part. And this is usually accomplished at a fraction of the cost and the down time of ordering a new part!

Mining Equipment Parts Repair

Parts that are used in pipelines, drilling or mining operations receive very hard wear, especially due to the water that is used in drilling and the abrasive surfaces that are drilled. This leads to bending, scratches and damage to the parts. Ordering new parts is very expensive and sometimes takes several weeks. The down time that results can be catastrophic to a project.

How We Can Help

The thick coat of hard chrome that we use to repair damaged parts is especially ideal for this industry because it is 100% non-corrosive and lasts much longer than the minimum coating that is standard for new factory parts. Since we apply at least 5 times the thickness of the factory hard chrome, the part will last much longer for our customers, lowering both their costs and their down time.

Plaster Finishing Equipment/ Pool Trowels

Trowels, finishing blades, mixer arms and blades are all subject to extreme wear from the abrasiveness of the plaster material. This is especially true of the new synthetic pool plaster, which is almost impossible to finish without a chrome trowel.

How We Can Help

This is an industry where plating new parts to make them last longer and perform better is more important than trying to repair them since most of these parts are disposable. In addition to the added life of the parts, there is also the lower coefficient of friction which results in a surface that is easier to clean, which saves time during clean up and lowers labor costs while providing a superior surface finish.

Printing Press Rollers

All printing press rollers and their bearing areas wear out. Damage caused by foreign objects falling into the working press is one common reason the rollers become inoperable. Every minute that a printing press is down due to repairs, it is costing you money. Ordering a new roller from the factory can take time and be very expensive.

Repair, Recycle and Reuse all of your old rollers. Arizona Hard Chrome can repair damaged and worn press rollers quickly with industrial hard chrome, lasting longer than new and at a much lower cost. We can also hard chrome factory new rollers to enhance and extend their life as well.

Water Rollers

Repairing water rollers is a particularly challenging task. Water rollers require a high gloss finish enabling the “water” to form a thin sheet over the roller as it rotates. Most press roller manufacturers use decorative chrome to accomplish this. However, decorative chrome does not have the corrosion resistance that industrial hard chrome provides. Decorative chrome is only adequate enough to last a reasonable period of time before corrosion causes blistering under the surface.

Arizona Hard Chrome has perfected our polishing techniques, giving our chrome a more than adequate gloss finish. We hard chrome the entire roller to prevent corrosion from eating away at the edges. This results in a superior product for our customers at a fraction of the cost and better quality than a factory new roller.

By extending the life of your press rollers, we save you money in two ways. You will save money initially by repairing rather than replacing; and you save money by reducing down-time because your rollers will last longer.

Specialty & Vintage Parts Repair

Some machines have vintage or special parts that are irreplaceable or to costly to justify buying a new one. Arizona Hard Chrome can restore worn out parts to like new for many more years of wear and tear.
  • Aircraft Landing Gear: Wear areas on struts.
  • Vintage Offy Cups: Ron Trainor spent a great deal of time designing equipment and fixtures necessary to hard chrome and grind Offenhouser cam followers to original precision specifications. During the Offy hay-days of the 50’s and 60’s, Ron’s father, Glenn “Bud” Trainor, a pioneer in Midget racing in Arizona, rebuilt hundreds of Offy cups. Over time, the equipment for this procedure was discarded. Now, after many years, we have received a number of requests for this service, so Ron was able to design and build new chroming fixtures and a new grinding mandrell that is made to duplicate the exact radius of the face of the cups so that the valve action transmitted from the cam profile performs as designed. This should be great news to those owners and rebuilders who have been unable to find good usable cam followers in the past.
  • Suspension Parts- Worn fork tubes and shock absorber shafts.
How We Can Help
Arizona Hard Chrome has repaired a wide variety of parts for vintage machines – from engines to drive shafts to suspension and steering parts. We have saved worn out parts that most rebuilders consider a lost cause. Contact us today for an over the phone assesment and price quote for your specialty or vintage part.

Utility Companies & Power Plant Equipment

Armatures, rotors, pump shafts, drive shafts, and gear shafts are just some of the equipment used in power plants that have bearing seal areas that wear out.  Many times these parts are subjected to severe environments, such as steam and vapor, dust, dirt and high heat.  All of these factors lead to seal and bearing failures.

How We Can Help

Because of the anti-corrosive characteristics of hard chrome, it has become a natural solution for repair by many of the leading engineers and foremen of Arizona Public Service,  Salt River Project and Central Arizona Project.  We have also repaired parts for the Hoover Dam and the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant.

Down time in the power plant industry can be a huge problem.  Because of our ability to repair the parts in a minimum of time and to give a surface that will last longer than the original factory part, we can shorten the down time for our customers.

Water Treatment Plants & Hydro Equipment Repairs

Valves and pump shaft seal areas are the most common parts that we repair.  Most water treatment plants deal with extremely corrosive water, and even plain water is corrosive to most metal surfaces.

Being able to obtain a superior repair at a cost less than ordering from the factory shows a respect for the customers/tax-payers who profit from a more cost-effective management of public utilities.  The thicker chrome that we apply will last much longer than a new part, also resulting in less down and labor time.

How We Can Help

Because hard chrome is 100% non-corrosive, it provides a perfect surface for water treatment and hydro equipment repairs.  Quite often, as we hard chrome damaged bearing and seal areas, we extend the hard chrome plating on to areas that are not wear areas but where only corrosion takes place.  We have seen hard chromed parts that were corroded to the point of breakage in other areas where our hard chromed bearing and seal areas showed zero wear.



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